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No-code tools that boost shelters with easy client management, streamlined service requests, and seamless HMIS integration.

All your data in one place

Shelters manage sensitive data including client information, contacts, health profiles, housing history, financial status, services, shelter occupancy, and HMIS reporting.

ShelterBoost offers each shelter their own unified dataverse that stores data and prevents unauthorized access with robust encryption protocols.

Compatible with Excel and your existing cloud storage

Many shelters use spreadsheets and a shared cloud storage platform.

With ShelterBoost there's no need to start from scratch. Import pre-existing Excel spreadsheets and access files in your Dropbox directly within ShelterBoost's platform.

Securely handle documents

File and document access is secured by Power Platform's industry-leading end-to-end protection to prevent interception while data is in transit.

Automated HMIS reporting

Shelters are required to actively report information about clients to the Homelessness Management Information Systems (HMIS) databases, and this often leads to tedious data entry that amounts to transferring data from one form to another.

ShelterBoost's tools directly integrate the shelter's existing databases with the HMIS for instant reporting.

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We value your privacy. While submitting your information to ShelterBoost allows us to contact you, we will never sell your data and will only ever externally share it with your consent.